Monday, 3 December 2012

Review - Darling Diva Polish

Hi Goddesses

I am a huge fan of Darling Diva Polish and own well over a dozen.   Recently, Carrie offered to send me 3 polishes to review and boy did I luck out !!  No green in sight, and no white either !!  Hurrah, blogger's delight !!  Ooh that rhymed.  And best of all ?  They ALL had little bits of purple in them :)

I'm starting with Wicked Attraction.  From the moment I tore it out of the packaging I couldn't wait to wear it.  This is dark, naughty, spectral, decadent, aaaahh so many things !!

Carrie describes this as "an indigo jelly packed with purple/blue iridescent glitters, purple hexes, blue hexes, and holographic dust."  I describe it as WOW!

I layered WA over Zoya Pinta to provide some depth, as I wanted to see this at its inky best.  What can I say, Crumpet love.  Crumpet love very much.

The win for me is the cold fire of the blue glitters, flashing like danger amidst the fiery naughtiness of the purple.  Seriously, I could sit and stare at this forever.

This for me is 7 shades of stunning - it just doesn't get any better than this.

Next I tried Triple Dog Dare - let's call this one The Weird One lol.   This is a shimmery soup with a mix of glitters.

Carrie describes this as "various blue glitters in a greyish blue base with a slight pink duochrome".   Hmmmm, that's not what I see on the nail.  I see irridescent shimmer and purple and aqua-ish glitters - and I like.  A lot.

I layered this over KIKO 329, a pale grey.   See what I mean ?  I don't see much blue, but to be fair, these glitters are shape shifters and bend in every light.  It's possible that what my eyes are seeing are the extremes of the blues used.  Either way, I'm not complaining, this is gorgeous.

As I was admiring my hand, it struck me how good this polish would look over a pale green.  Step forward China Glaze Re-fresh Mint.

Doesn't it pop ?  And don't the glitters look even more purple now ?

I absolutely love this combination - it's very spring and summer - and I also like that the glitter is cool toned enough to make it perfect for winter too.

Love it.

Finally, I'm Sweet On You, which I layered over OPI Sparrow Me The Drama.  This is super girlie.

This is a pink, white, red and purple glitter mix in a milky white base with just the slightest pink tinge.  It reminds me very much of a pink version of Tart.

This is a sweet polish, but there are lots similar to it on the market, so if you already own Candy Shop or any of its many dupes, you probably don't need this.  If, however, you've always missed out on those other polishes, this will serve you well.  It's not too sickly, and the square glitters give it a nice edge.

All Darling Diva Polishes apply easily and effortlessly.  I've never had an issue with a single one of them.  You can visit her Etsy store HERE and her FB page HERE.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

Enjoy xx:)
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