Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Best of 2011 - Where Are They Now ?

Hi Goddesses

As we start rounding up 2012, I thought it would be fun to look back at what my favourite polishes were this time last year.  They were worn, they were feted .... can anyone guess what happened next ??

A-England – Lady of the Lake

Erm ... not worn since, not even for nail art of a gradient, but I am itching to bring back out again.  It's been too long!

A-England – Guinevere

Still lovely, never worn since. In fact, I'm not sure if I swapped it.  Crumpet has too many polishes of this exact shade - oops !

Glitter Gal – Red

This HAS been worn this year, but only for a red comparison post.   2 issues - the bottle is so tiny, it scares me.  And secondly, the Ozotic is a spot on dupe.  Do I  reaaaaaaly need both ......

Wet n Wild – Tangled In My Web

Oh how I loved this polish.  I even have back ups.  So have I worn it in 2012 ?  Erm ..... I think only once, and that was to represent ants on a picnic blanket ..... Bad Crumpet!   This is a keeper though, and I do want to play with it some more.  Maybe if I didn't BUY so many polishes, I'd actually use the ones I have ?  Wow, there's an epiphany.

OPI – Planks A Lot

YESSSSS!!!!  Still one of my favourites AND I've worn it loads this year.  Ha!   I love this polish both by itself and for nail art.  It's such a versatile polish.

Orly – Fowl Play

Nope, not worn it since.  So shoot me.

Zoya – Neeka

Yeh, I *think* I still own this one.  I know I haven't worn it since though.  Maybe I should dig it out of its coma and check if I even like it anymore ?

Fashionista Magnetics – All Fired Up Red

REALLY ?  This made my Top 10 ??  Wow, I must have had a bit too much vodka that night.  It's nice, and it's metallic, and it's red and er .... yessss, it's unworn since it's original photo shoot :(  hangs head in shame .....

LA Girl – Glitter Addict – Celebrate

Lol ... er .... next ?

OPI – Animal-istic

Lol, this ended up in my blog sale, but ONLY cos I had about 3 other polishes that were pretty much identical.

Hhhhmmm, now what's interesting - aside from the fact you no longer like / wear any of these ?  yes, ssssshhhhh - is that on my noticeboard, in my nail room, I have 10 Post-It notes with my Top 10 polishes on, so that I can mix it up and change it as my mind changes.  Usually on a whim ?  Yes, sssshhhhh.

These 10 Post-Its only feature SOME of the polishes above - Tangled In My Web, Guinevere, Lady of The Lake, Glitter Gal Red.

The other 6 are the following - 

- Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers.  Love it but had to sell it because I can't wear black jelly polishes. They look rubbish on me.

- Deborah Lippmann - Lady Sings The Blues - still got it but .... sigh .... not worn in 2012.

- Zoya Roxy - ooooh I loved this one.  That must be why I haven't worn it this year.

- OPI DS Original - YES !!  Worn it.   Ok .... once ....

- Zoya Kelly - a classic, which I haven't worn, and which I maybe never will again now that I own Purple Smoke by Contrary Polish.

So, polishes of 2012.  Before you get all chufty about being crowned my ultimate polish of the year - remember, a wicked fate awaits you if no longer excite, tantalise or tempt me, or cease to be useful.

Mwahahahahahaha.   Enjoy :) xxx
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