Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Best of 2012 - Orange Polishes

Hi Goddesses

and welcome to our first Review of the Year post !!  There is pretty much going to be one of these a day for most of the month, covering polishes, brands and blogs.  Today, we're starting with a colour - orange!

Orange was never a polish colour I loved, but this year, we've fallen in love with a passion.  This has been helped by some truly outstanding creations, and also the realisation that orange on my paws makes me HAPPY.  It's definitely a mood-changing colour.  

These posts will not be in any particular order - I haven't tried to rank the polishes because it's just too difficult!  For each of the polishes, you can also click on the polish name to be taken to my original post and more photos.

Ok, here we go -

Stunning orange holo, easily rated the best orange holo in my comparison post.  Superb pigmentation and effect.

Pure happiness in a bottle.  Sensational orange crelly with flakies.  It doesn't get hotter than this.

I guess this is possibly the most famous orange of the year, or certainly the most talked about.  Scarily intense and positively thrumming with electricity.  This is orange turned up to 11.

This is the polish that confirmed I was addicted to orange.  One of my personal favourites of the year, this is a stunning glitter bomb in a burnt orange soup base.

From the Take Wing Collection, this is summer perfection.  This polish looks like fizz on the nails, with the shimmer attracting the sun like bees to a honey pot.  Dupe for a w7 polish and also for Bettina Hippie.

On the outer limits of orange, this is blood burnt orange just as it tip toes into red.  Stunning and vibrant and indecently loaded with shimmer.

I still remember the gasp when I first saw this on More Nail Polish.  Possibly the orange glitter of the year.

Enchanted Polish has made a huge splash this year, and this was my personal favourite (mainly cos I have another 6 polishes of hers that I haven't worn yet!).  An unbelievable orange glitter soup, this is art in a bottle.

You could have knocked me down with a feather when I liked this, as it's pretty much everything I usually hate.  Corally peachy creaminess ?  Blah!  But somehow it works.  Summer blancmange magnificence.

If I could only keep one ???   Ah, MAYBE the Hits Hula, purely because it was the one that made me happiest, but wow, these are all stunners.

So over to you - what was your favourite orange of the year?   Any classics that I missed out ?

Enjoy xx :)
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