Friday, 14 December 2012

The Digit-al Dozen does FESTIVENESS - Wrapping Paper

Hi Goddesses

Many apologies for yesterday's absence.  It was a really stressful day, and when I got home from work I literally crawled straight into bed.

So today we have the post I should have done yesterday, and tomorrow I'll post what should have been today's post.  

I wanted to go with a random wrapping paper theme, and so I picked some small Christmas images out from my stamping plates.  Here are all your technicals - 

base - Sally Hansen Diamond Prism
snowman - BM 318
parcel and tree - BM 205
stamping polishes - all Konad, with nail art pens used to accentuate Snowman !!!

I like the overall effect of this one, but I'm going to share something interesting.  I put the 3 stamps on each nail, and it looked ok.  I coloured in the snowman and it looked ok.  Ok, but a bit .... soulless.

And so I got a dotting tool and added some white snow, and suddenly, my mani sprang to life!  I don't know how many of you follow Spellbinding Nails and Canadian Nail Fanatic, but they do this a lot.  I've often wondered "why the random dots" - and now I know.  Somehow they unify your mani and really pull it all together.

Lesson learnt!

Enjoy xx :)

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