Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Nail Room

Hi Goddesses

I've mentioned before that I am a messy Crumpet, and for most of it's existence, the Nail Room has been the biggest victim of this.  However, the recent arrival of Miss Bluebelle necessitated a big clean-up, and as the Nail Room looked half decent for once, I decided to take some piccies for you.

But first of all, how cute is this - Bluebelle on the laptop.  All she needs is a teeny pair of glasses and she'd look like a proper blogging nerd lol.

Ok, so here is the view of the entire desk I use for blogging. It houses most things I need easy access to.  My polishes are in massive boxes in a cupboard behind me.

To the right we have various bits of necessary crap lol.  You can see the stamping plates I've pulled out for my Christmas manis, my fan, a green tub full of tissues, headphones, airmail stickers etc.  There's the glue I use for my glitter bases, the plastic lid I use for nail art, and a Hello Kitty tin that's got some nail art pens in it.

To the right we have my 2 main notebooks - one is a diary so that I can plan out my month, and the other is a notebook for ideas.

Behind that we've got my 2 pots of nail brushes and dotting tools.  You can see my beloved Zoya Remove - the smaller bottle is what I use for my clean up.   Behind that you can see 2 single storey polish racks - I use these to house what I call my "staples", my polishes I use a lot.  So on there you can see my Barry M stamping polishes, a couple of Konads, a black, a white and a couple of top coats.

The little pink bin - how cute is that!  I use this for the little messes I make - the polish I peel off, the backing from nail tape etc.   You can also see a little tub filled with sponge pieces and nail striping tape.

Ok, now are you feeling very brave ??  Ok, THIS is the corner of the room.  In this heap you can see about 33% of my untried mountain, packing boxes, blog sale stuff - it looks an abomination but I can lay hands on everything I need lol.   Out of sight there's also a box filled with things like sponges, straws, cotton pads - all the usual crap lol.

So there you go.  It's already messier than this.  I usually have a big "rehoming" box on the go - it's a bit like that trolley they have in the library of polishes that need to go back on the right shelf!

And it would be wrong if we didn't end with a little bit more Bluebelle :)  She's a cat, she's a kitty cat, and she blog blog blogs, and she blog blog blogs!

Enjoy xx :)
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