Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Polish Bar - Late Holiday Collection - Review

Hi Goddesses

I have thoroughly fallen in love with The Polish Bar of late, and it's exciting that I still have about 5 of her polishes in my untrieds mountain :)  After I posted my Halloween swatches, Janice kindly offered to send me samples of her Late Holiday Collection.  Jeez, everyone's a stunner.

First up we have Glowing Sapphire, a polish I was thoroughly convinced would leave me a bit cold.  Navy is a weird colour for me, and it's rare to find a dark blue polish that gets it right.

What I didn't realise was that this polish was loaded with shimmer - INDECENTLY so - and that this makes it quite exquisite.

Glowing Sapphire is a crelly base, and I used 3 coats here for opacity.  It's very threadbare at one coat, but builds quickly, solidly and effortlessly.

Just look at that sparkle!  The tiny holographic particles give it a fathomless outer space / deepest ocean feel.  Just amazing.

For someone who's not a blue junkie, I couldn't stop staring at this.  Winner.

I then layered it with Diamonds and Pearls, the glitter topper from the Collection.   Janice describes this as a glitter with "different sizes of white hexes, opalescent hexes, and silver and clear holographic sparkle in a clear base."

For me, this is snowfall in a bottle.  And layered over the midnight blue of Glowing Sapphire, it looked like a dark night sky with the snow floating down.

I've used this polish in a couple of other manis since, and it has a very "fairy snow" quality to it, like something you'd find in Narnia.  Delicate and perfect.

And now for the ... wow .. the ... oh my GOD .... Ruby Dreams - wow wow wow.

Ruby Dreams is the blood sister of Glowing Sapphire.  They share the same composition - crelly base and tons of shimmer - but for me, Ruby Dreams has a lot more wow factor.

I have to say it, this may well be the perfect Crumpet polish (except that it's not purple).  The red IS dreamy - vibrant and bright - and the shimmer mainly flashes pink.

I overuse my adjectives, I know I do, I'm not a subtle kind of girl, but wow this is a special polish.  It reminds me very much of my beloved Disco Biscuit, albeit in different tones.

This is perfect for Christmas, Crumpets and every other day of the year.

Finally, I layered RD with Berry Shimmer, a purple toned glitter topper.  Hello Crumpet perfection!

Berry Shimmer is packed with pink, mauve and purplish glitters and shards, with the shards giving it an edgy vibe that I really like.

It totally glowed over the red, but this is versatile enough to work over a variety of colours.  This applied easily.

So there you have it, 4 perfect polishes.  You can buy from The Polish Bar here, and follow her on Facebook here.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

Enjoy xx :)
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