Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Sat-ART-Day Club - Winter Scarves etc

Hi Goddesses

Today's Sat-ART-Day is winter woolies - hats, scarves, mittens - all the things we need to wrap up warm.

As we've just landed in December, I thought I would add a Christmassy theme to mine, so all my garments are being modelled by a Snowman lol.

The base is my favourite white, My Boyfriend Scales Walls and the other colours are all by KIKO -
238 Martha Red
310 Golden Orange
258 Mauve Pink
303 Beige Chrome
335 Ink Blue

Hopefully you can tell what everything is without too much explanation!  We have a bobble hat on the thumb, and a woolly mitten on the index finger.

The other 3 nails are all scarves, with the little finger focussed on the tassles.  The ring finger is a bit of a joke - sometimes, snowman has to have whatever is lying around, so this time he had to wear mum's pink snood lol.

Enjoy xx :) 
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