Friday, 28 December 2012

Your Favourite Crumpet Posts of the Year - Swatches

Hi Goddesses

I'm starting to near the end of the round up posts.  I've really enjoyed doing them, but they do take a lot of time.  I hope you've enjoyed reading them all.

Today I'm going to show you some of the most viewed posts on The Crumpet this year.  And it comes with tragic news.  Although I consider myself a splodger / nail art-ish blog, almost ALL the most popular posts are swatches :(  That kind of kills me in a way, because pure swatches aren't much fun.  When they're indies, it's great, because they're so inventive, or when it's a cool new thing like Barry M Gellys ... but all too often, plain swatch posts leave me meh .... So I guess somehow I am going to have to reconcile what you love and what I love.

Ok, some science first.   THE most read post of the year was the Lynnderella one - shocker - with something like 12,000 views.  Crazy.  Just crazy.   For the purposes of today, and the next post, I have excluded all the other popular posts, such as - 
blog sales
No H8
Lazy Sunday
Best of British and Ask Crumpet

What that then leaves us with is 2 piles - the most read swatch posts .... and tomorrow, the most read nail art posts.

Here we go !!

10 - Crows Toes Christmas Collection part 1 - 964 views

Argh, now THESE sorts of swatches I am more than happy to do.  Who doesn't go oooh and aaaah over Maxxed Out or Her Goose Got Cooked ?

9 - Nubar - Peacock Feathers - 988 views

My pure luck, I landed this legendary polish earlier in the year, and it's every bit as special as the lustful cries that surround it.   Gorgeous.

8 - OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes - 1069 views

OPI posts are always very popular, especially if you get the timing right.  This polish isn't a winner for me (I think it suffers a bit of an identity crisis), but you all clearly loved it, and the bad clean up!

7- Moody Blues - 1089 views

This was the most popular comparison post of the year - a range of greyish / muted blues.  All of them are gorgeous.  I particularly loved the reader who commented whilst she was stood IN the shop, using the post to decide which ones to buy lol.

6 - Picture Polish Blogfest - 1134 views

This post is one of my biggest regrets of the year.   This was an awesome opportunity to be part of something amazing, involving the best bloggers in the world and a brand I adore.  And what did I do?  Accidentally cut my nails too short the day before I had to do the swatches.  Aaarrghhh.  And then they sent me green and white polishes.   Bad juju lol.

5 - The China Glaze Prisms

I've decided to lump these together.  This was an amazingly successful series of posts, partly because I got my polishes REALLY early, and also because they generated a lot of buzz (even if they weren't quite as duochromey as we expected).   The round up post got 2000 views, and all the others got 1200+.

4 - OPI - Call Me Gwen-Ever - 1521 views

I was shocked when I fell in love with this polish, but not as shocked as I was with how popular the post became!  Again, I think the timing was right.

3 - Barry M - Jewel Britannia - 1549 views

Ah, good ole Barry and his M !!!   This polish was perfect for the summer, as we celebrated the Jubilee and the Olympics.

2 - Deborah Lippmann - Sweet Dreams - 1688 views

I was soooo excited by this polish - a pink flakie! - and soooo disappointed when I finally wore it :(  The shade of pink just did not flatter me (it leant a bit too coral).   It always amuses me when a post where you dislike a polish is popular lol.

1 - Barry M - The Gellys !! - 3359 views

Twice as popular as any other swatch post is this magical polish collection from Barry.  These polishes were so eagerly anticipated.  Again, I think this post was a miracle of perfect timing - I feel I was the first to get the ENTIRE collection up, and that's always popular with readers!

Also, it's one of the first swatch posts I did where I was really proud of the photography.

So, whilst I'm disappointed that only 2 nail art posts would have made this Top 10, I am VERY happy, as a British girl, that Barry is the winner, and with such an awesome polish collection - which, you may recall, was already my Collection of the year.

Ooooh, maybe we all do agree after all :)

Come back tomorrow for the Top 10 Most Viewed Nail Art posts.  Enjoy xx :)
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