Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Ask Crumpet - PVA Glue

Hi Goddesses

Thank you for your response to yesterday's 10 Things I Learnt in 2012 post.  I do enjoy doing posts like that, and it seems you all got a lot out of it too.

I got asked some questions on my Facebook page about PVA glue, so here is some more info.   This isn't a planned post, so it's a bit scattered, but hopefully it will answer your questions - and if it doesn't, just leave them in the comments and I will reply to them there xx

1 - so, any glue ?

I'm not a technical person, but what we're talking about is PVA glue.  Basically, that white stuff.  It's the one you will have used at school, or buy for your children because it's non-toxic.  It's also water soluble, which is key.

2 - how do I put it on ?

I decanted mine into an empty bottle.  I'm actually glad I chose a Zoya bottle, because the brush is thinner.  You don't want to be splashing this up onto your nail walls or surrounding skin, because you can't just clean it up the way you can a normal base coat.  Yessss, of course I ended up pulling some of mani off when I tried to tidy my first messy one up!  lol.   I keep a dotting tool handy, and use that so scoop away any excess.

3 - how much do I put on ?

A good coat, not too little, not too much!  That's such a cop out answer, but hopefully the photo will guide you.  Too little and it can be tricky to pick your polish off later.  Too much and the bloody thing never dries, AND it falls off way too easily

4  and I have to wait for it to dry ?

Yes - wait for it to turn clear, and then you're good to go.

5 - will it work for all polishes ?

Personally, I only use it when I am wearing a glitter-soup polish, or undies and a top layer of glitter.  Although as a blogger it has been tempting to use it for everything, I find it just doesn't give me a smooth base and there are just too many hideous imperfections

6 - wait - should I have used base coat?

No.  I haven't tried it, but apparently it interferes with the picking it off part

7 - how durable is it ?

I think this depends on personal chemistry.   Mine usually fall off within 24 hours (which is fine as I change mine every day) but other people have tested them for 5 days with great success.  Also, I moisturise my nails, and I think that encourages mine to come off quicker.

For me, as soon as I go near a lot of water - eg peeling potatoes, washing my hair - my nails will come off.  Usually I notice I have a bare nail and then have to hunt for where I lost the polish lol.

8 - how do I take it off ?

Ideally when you do a mani, you should be leaving a 1mm edge all the way round.  This then gives you plenty of free edge to pick away at.  I usually find somewhere along the side of my nail where it's already starting to lift, and I just encourage it.   If I can't find a loose bit, well, it's just like a scab, get picking!

OR just soak your hands in warm water, and it will start to lift off.

9 - will it harm my nails though ?

well, apparently not.  I'm not seeing any damage yet, and I think I will see damage if there's damage to be had, as I've used Nail Envy pretty much every day for 2 days.

10 - finally

pretty much every glitter mani you've seen me do in the last 2 months has been on a PVA base.  Could you tell ?  Course not :)

Give it a go - the glue is relatively inexpensive, and honestly, it may just revolutionise your glitter usage!

Love xx :)
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