Sunday, 27 January 2013

Barry M Gelly Polishes - Spring Releases

Hi Goddesses

Welcome to Part 2 of Barry M's Spring releases.  If you missed Part 1 - the texture polishes - you can view them HERE.

Barry M's Gelly polishes were a massive success last year.  Super saturated colour and a high gloss finish, they were designed to be worn without a top coat and give the "you've just stepped out of the salon" look of a Gel manicure.  Personally, I loved them, and I am delighted that the Spring Collection sees another 4 releases.

A few general points first.  These are often billed as 1-coaters.  Some of them are, some of them aren't.  I've found my Gellys quite temperamental - they can be streaky when first used, until you both get used to each other.  The trick is to not try too hard to make them 1-coaters, as that's where your streaky mess comes from.

Also, I find the first manicure out of the bottle a little diva-ish, so don't worry if your first one doesn't look perfect.   It's the equivalent of a normal polish being really thin on its first outing.

I used between 2 and 3 coats for my manis - 2 thin coats is definitely the best way to go.  Of all of the colours, the pink seemed to glide on the best, whilst the cream game me the most issues (I ending up redoing that mani).  Let's zoom in shall we?

The green one - Greenberry.  I have no idea what a greenberry is, if one even exists, but this a green I really like.   

It's somewhere between a mint and a jade, and the super glossy finish is PERFECT for this colour.   I've had to colour correct some of the photos slightly - it's not as minty as it occasionally looks.

Papaya is a dark peach / a pastel coral.  This is not my dream shade, and it was also a real horror to photograph.   As you can see, it goes on the nail slightly darker than the bottle colour.

Although I don't personally like this colour, I know a lot of you do, and this WILL look awesome on beaches, with bikinis, or just on those who are dreaming of them :)

The Pink one - Dragonfruit, although the base of my bottle only says Dragon.  This is probably my pick of the bunch.  It applied the best, and it's just such a perfect fusion of colour and finish.  Seriously, the colour was *made* to be this glossy.

The other surprise about this polish was that it has a secret shimmer.  Not a lot, but it's there.  I'll be honest, I didn't see it til I edited the photos, but now that I know it's there, I can definitely see it.  Super cute.  Candy cute.

And finally the cream / beige one - Lychee.   I do love this, and I love Barry and his M for doing this shade.  It's so work appropriate and grown up!

This is halfway between a cream and a beige, and it's super creamy.  It's a tone lighter than OPI Did You Ear About Van Gogh, but still full of warmth.

And there you go - 4 lovely shades, all perfect for Spring.   I'm not going to lie, they are a little finicky to apply, but you'll be quick to get the hang of them - just remember, less is more.

I have some nail art coming up involving all the colours, and  I'll show you that over the next week or so.  In the meantime, I can't wait for summer to see what electric shades get added to this fabulous range.

All of these polishes will be out in February - they hit Superdrug on the 13th and Boots on the 20th, and will be priced at £3.99.

These polishes were sent to be for an honest review.

Enjoy !!  xxx

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