Thursday, 3 January 2013

Born Pretty Product Review - Stamping Polishes

Hi Goddesses

As I'm sure a lot of you know, Born Pretty are an amazing online store that's like a sweet shop for nail art products!  They sell stamping goodies, rhinestones, glequins, striping tape - you name it, they have it!  When they asked me to review something for them, I was a little stuck as I'd just splurged LOADS on nail art goodies, but then a little fairy guided me to the stamping section, and as my good old Konad White was running a bit low, I decided to put their stamping polishes to the test.

The polishes come in a set of 5 x 5ml bottles for $6.93.  Compare that to Konad where 1 11ml bottle will usually cost you £5 / $10.   The colours are pretty standard - white, black, red, blue and yellow - making them an excellent starter kit.   

Over the last few weeks, I've used them in quite a bit of stamping, and my overall thoughts are -
- excellent price point
- fabulous beginners kit
- more reliable than using "normal" polishes
- cheaper than Konad.  The consistency of the polish is also a little bit thinner.  In an out and out comparison between the 2, I really don't think there's much in it

- the red isn't bright red, it's got a slightly faded quality to it.  That was absolutely fine for me, but it might not look right if you're hoping to do nothing but Santa stamping!
- the blue doesn't stamp as dark as the bottle and comes out in a petrol-type shade.  Again, not an issue, but it would be easy to assume it would look navy

And then there was the yellow.  I really struggled to get it to stamp BUT that was only because I was layering it over dark colours.  If you squint carefully at this photo, you can definitely see it on the index finger!    However, on white paper, it stamped fine, so, no issues with the polish, but yellow is clearly a colour that needs a pale base.

(you can see this mani in full on Jan 9th)

Stay tuned next week for a mani involving all 5 polishes - you can catch it on Monday when the Digit-al Dozen start Art Week.

These products were sent to me for review.  To see them on Born Pretty, use this link or search for item ID: 4158.
Even better, you can use the coupon code on the left hand side of the page for 10% off your order!  That's a LOT of art you can buy for a very reasonable price.

Love xx
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