Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Digit-al Dozen does ... ART ..... Jackson Pollock

Hi Goddesses

As you may have guessed, I've found this challenge quite ... challenging lol, and quite by accident, a few of the Dozen had decided to do Jackson Pollock nails.   He, for those of you who don't know, used to do massive splatter paintings, and as a lover of splatter, I was very tempted.

However, I already had a gazillion ideas, PLUS I have about 3 splatters I'm showing this month on the 31DC, so, I acted holier than thou and declared I didn't need to "cheat" and do easy peasy JP nails lol.

Roll forward a few days.  Crumpet is now in despair over Art Week.  Crumpet no longer likes any of the images she pinned as inspiration PLUS 2 of the manis she has tried have resembled half a turd each so .... yeh, I caved.  JP here we are!!

To be fair, this is possibly the best splatter I've ever done.  And it actually looks fairly similar to the real thing - Jackson Pollock Number 8 - look !!!


This is a base of KIKO 325 Grey Green, which was just perfect for this mani.  I then splattered the various colours used in the painting, using OPI Did You Ear About Van Gogh, CG Papaya Punch and CG Life Preserver for the orange tones, and OPI Black Onyx.

The key to this splatter was the layering of the colours, and layering them in the right order.  Papaya Punch is the lighter of the 2 oranges, and I didn't want it to pop too much, so that went on quite early, so that it could be partly covered by the other colours.

Today is also the first day you are officially seeing photos from my new lighting set up.  I finally got a natural light bulb for the nail room, and also got myself some black felt - don't you think black backgrounds look more dramatic ?  I've included a few of the "old style" photos too - which do you prefer ?

It's taken me quite a few days to get to a point where I feel the pictures are "decent", albeit still not quite perfect.  It's been an interesting journey with a lot of learning points, and I'll be sharing them in a couple of weeks in the Blogger Boot Camp posts.

Finally, it does amuse me that out of those of us who have done splatters today, at least 3 of us have chosen the exact same Jackson Pollock painting as inspiration - telepathy of the mani nerds !!  Lol.

Enjoy xx :)

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