Monday, 7 January 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES .... Art ..... Pop Art

Hi Goddesses

I pray for you I really do.  Art Week - argh, my worst nightmare!  I HATED art at school.  I have no spatial awareness and therefore no concept of real shapes, and just about the only thing I draw is .... well, a circle!  I really hoped some good Googling would gift me some cool ideas, but no.  So I'm sorry, really sorry - here is Art Week.

Today's post is pop art, as that seemed fairly simple lol.  This is stamping using the Born Pretty stamping polishes again, and using an MJ plate and Barry M for the bases.  If you squint, you can *just* see the yellow stamping on the index finger - lesson:  yellow does not stamp well on this shade of green!

I think this looks .... ok.  It's not fab, but it's not awful either ... it just ... is lol.

To be fair, the coming week isn't ALL bad - there are 3 manis that I like, and then I have 2 half-ok ones to choose from for my final one lol.

Art - gah!!

Love xx :)

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