Monday, 28 January 2013

Nails Inc Concrete Polishes - Monument, Marble Arch and Stonehenge

Hi Goddesses

Everything is texture texture texture at the moment, and for a lot of this week, it's Texture In Crumpetland too.  I've swatched my Liquid Sand, Barry's Textures, and today it's the turn of the Nails Inc Concretes.  Tomorrow I'll show you the Nails Inc Leather, and then later in the week I have some Concrete nail art to show you.  Oh, and hopefully my PixieDusts will show up soon too!!

Those of you who are in Facebook groups with me will have seen some of these shots before - it seems we're all fascinated with these polishes.  They are ... interesting .... but again, I have to ask, who on earth wants a yellow? Lol.

Let's discuss some common features first.  These apply quite easily and were opaque at 2 coats.  In the UK we have a pudding called Angel Delight, which is powder that you add to milk and then whisk.  Whilst it's being whisked, it has little lumps in it, and that's exactly how the Concretes look as you apply them - creamy, with lumps.   As they dry, the lumps harden and shrink, and after 2 coats, they have uniform coverage.

Dry time is really good, and they wear well too.   You *can* top coat them, but because they are glitter free, you don't get the same effect you do from Liquid Sand.   Finally - and for me this is their real bonus - because they have the most extreme texture of any of the polishes out there, you can paint over them AND keep the Concrete look.

Ok, so let's start with the fugly yellow - Monument.  I mean ... UGH.  It's not even a bright, cheerful yellow.  It's hideous lol.   It's quite mustard-y, with a faint green undertone.

I think of 2 things when I see the textures of these polishes - flocking manicures, and fake astro-turf lol.   I also imagine little pinpoint sized creatures living amid the gravelly concrete lol.  Yeh, I should get out more.

Next we have the red - Marble Arch.  This is gorgeous.  Super bright, there's almost a neon quality to this red.  It's not deep enough to be ruby, so this perches on the edge of red.  Very summery.

One of the things I like about the Concrete is how much light they capture and hold, which never makes them feel dull and gritty.

I love this red, really love it.

Then we have the blue, which keeps trying to lean blurple but never quite gets there.  This is called Stonehenge, and I don't get it, especially when there's also a stone coloured Concrete.  Go figure.

Stonehenge is basically Concrete Baker Street.  It has the exact same cobalt intensity, drama and wow factor.

So, should you buy them?   I think texture is this year's Crackle / Magnetics, so I'd advise caution.  If you love the colours, and can stand the texture, go for it, otherwise maybe hold out.

Which ones should you buy?  Well, I'll be doing proper comparisons soon, but the Concretes are hardcore.  The Nails Inc Leather and the Barry M Textures are half as hardcore, and very similar in feel.  The Liquid Sands are just different, mainly because of the glitter element.

Also, bear in mind the price.  Nails Inc is more than twice as expensive as Barry, so if you're thinking of dabbling, start with Mr M first, and the worst you'll lose is £3.99.

See you tomorrow with Nails Inc Leather.  Enjoy xx :)

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