Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nails Inc Leather Effect - Shoreditch Lane

Hi Goddesses

If I'm honest, I was not once interested or tempted by the Nails Inc black leather polish, partly because black polish looks so bad on me, and partly because the the set it was part of.  But release it in a burgundy??  Ah, go on then!

So, technicals first.  As I've alluded to in other posts, this is less gritty than the Concretes, so if you like the effect, but want to be more subtle, this is for you.   It feels almost soft in comparison to its Concrete siblings.

It's similar but possibly a fraction less textured than Barry M's new texture polishes - this really is gentle grittiness :)

However, the biggest thing I want point out is how dull the finish is on this polish in comparison to all the other textured polishes.  Personally, I didn't like it.   This polish just doesn't capture or reflect the light, instead holding it and killing it like a stagnant swamp.  HOWEVER, that is totally appropriate to the non-shiny material they are trying to imitate.

In these photos, this polish looks awesome - like dried blood.  The following day, at work, under indoor lighting, it kinda just *died* on my nails, as the lighting was so very flat.

If you love matte polishes or texture, this one's a keeper. If you don't, maybe not so.  I did try to put top coat on it, but didn't really like the effect - the TC just sort of sat there, without really adding anything.

This is a keeper for me, but mainly for art reasons, I don't think I'll wear this plain again, but it is an interesting addition to my stash.

You can check out my Nails Inc Concrete post HERE and my Barry M Texture post HERE.

Enjoy xx :)
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