Friday, 11 January 2013

NEW31DC - Autumn Splatter

Hi Goddesses

Today is Splatter Day, and I have an autumn splatter that's been lurking in the vault for a couple of months.  To be totally honest, I couldn't decide whether I liked this or not, but I do think it has some interesting qualities, so here it is :)

I wanted to create a splatter that looked like a chaotic pile of autumn leaves.  I love the autumnal reddy bronzy colours, and I tried to pick a range, from deep reds to oranges to a little bit of green, just to keep it off balance -

base - Zoya Cola
OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby
Glitter Gal Fiery Furnace
Glitter Gal Warped Teal
w7 Cosmic Latte

I'm not so smitten with the GG Warped Teal- it looked way bluer than I intended, and I think I should have trusted my first instinct and gone with CG Agro instead.

For the most part, the polishes splattered beautifully, and all landed in pretty much the right places - how often does that happen lol?

The only polish I would recommend NOT using is the GG Fiery Furnace.   This was the last polish as I wanted to leave the splatter with a bright tone.  Sadly, it was a BITCH to clean up lol.  4 attempts it took me!   Because of it's gorgeous composition, it is very fine and shimmery, and so I looked like a ginger Edward for a while there!

All in all, I love the colour tones and the texture, but maybe not the overall effect, hence it's little vacation in the vault.

Lol - don't forget to check out what the other girls are up to.  Love xx

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