Wednesday, 2 January 2013

NEW31DC Day 2 - Silver

Hi Goddesses

It was great to see so many wonderful ladies take part in the Challenge yesterday.  I think there were about 50, which is an awesome response :)  Today we turn to Silver, and I actually ended up dong 2 manis.

The base for today is the STUNNING Jade Psicodelica.  Amazing.  Holo does NOT get better than a Jade.  In terms of quality, price and spectacularness, I would recommend Jade over any other brand, and this beauty is no exception.

This is quite a white silver - light enough that you could wear it as a holo top coat.  I've got 2 coats and then Poshe on here.  Gah, can't stop staring !!!

So, the first time I wore it, I used Cheeky CH10 and Born Pretty Store blue stamping polish to add this clockwork design.

I then wanted to embellish it a little, so I added some clear rhinestones, and ooooh, now it looks like bubbles in the water!  Ah!   And then I trotted off to take my photos, only to discover that Beth had changed the settings on my camera so that everything had this god-awful urine-soaked  lighting effect.  And could I change it back?  No I could not. 

Ggggrrr... So a couple of days later, I reset the camera (ooops, I hadn't realised there was a reset button) and decided to suck it up and redo the mani.  More than anything, it bugged me that you weren't going to see how beautiful the Jade was.

This time I decided to go for silver on silver, and did some simple rhinestone stuff.  I am very new to this and let me tell you - it's not as easy as The Nailasaurus et al make it look!  There was me all excited just to get the square rhinestone ON my thumb, and then I realised I had to level them up !!  Tricky.  Especially for those not blessed with patience :)

Tomorrow we move on to Gold - and didn't Ashley from Smashley Sparkles do an awesome job with the graphic ??

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