Sunday, 27 January 2013

NEW31DC Day 27 - Inspired By You

Hi Goddesses

Boy did I make this one difficult on myself!  Everyone knows my defining colour is purple (did that in 30 Days of Purple) and that my defining style is a Splodger (did a Splodgerama tutorial recently).

So that kind of left me puzzling for a bit - too long and too hard actually - so in the end I just decided to do what should be done, and do a purple splodgerama lol.

Small recap - splodgerama involves sponging colours semi-randomly onto your nails to create an overall effect which is splodgey.

As I'd used so many of my favourite colours in November, I decided to do an exclusively KIKO splodgerama.    KIKO ROCK at blues and purples so it was an easy choice.  Unfortunately, KIKO don't really name their polishes, so here are those sexy numbers - 

As always, I picked the palest colour as my base, and then started sponging on the other colours, starting with the darkest.  I left the sparkly KIKO til the end, as I wanted that to catch the light of the camera.

Finally, I went back and dabbed teeny amounts of colour here and there to balance out the overall effect.  Et voila.

Super easy, super lazy.  I love 'em!!

Enjoy - tomorrow it's inspired by your favourite colour ..... hhhhmmmm .... xx

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