Monday, 28 January 2013

NEW31DC Day 28 - Inspired By Your Favourite Colour

Hi Goddesses

Hmmmmm so today was the day I realised this challenge had a lot of dupes in it - whoops!  Fave polish, fave colour family and now fave colour.  All so samey, but you can't be samey on a challenge, can you ?

In the end I decided to compromise and do a gradient using possibly my favourite polish of all time - OPI DS Original - and my favourite polish of 2011 - a-England Lady of the Lake.   Oh and then add a giraffe.  As you do.

In reality, this gradient was more subtle than I expected.  Next to each other, the two polishes have several degrees of separation, yet if you didn't know it, I don't think you'd realise there was a gradient happening here.

I then added one of my favourite stamps - the giraffe from BM-313.  Ah, he make me happy!

Overall, I quite like this mani, but it has less impact than I expected.  Holographic, yes; clearly 2-tone, no :(

Enjoy xx :)

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