Thursday, 3 January 2013

NEW31DC Day 3 - Gold .... ah!

Hi Goddesses

Sorry, I can't say Gold without singing the Spandau Ballet song lol.  Good morning, and today it's Day 3 of the challenge.

Firstly, the photos.  These were taken whilst Beth had found the urine-toned setting, but because the polish is gold, it didn't annoy me so much.  Hopefully you'll briefly dig the olde fashioned sepia-tinged vibe it's giving the polish!

Yesterday was silver and the amazing Jade Psicodelica, and today it's gold and its twin, Mystic Gold.  This is one of THE most sensational polishes of the last year.  I mean, yes it's indecently holographic, but just look how deep that colour is too!

I absolutely love this polish and I'll be needing a back up soon. You've seen it in quite a few posts already.  Even if you're not a gold fan it's worth owning - it's quite extraordinary.

I stamped over this with BM-205 and Born Pretty red stamping polish.  The pattern looks a little leafier on the plate, but on the nail I thought it really looked like Poinsettias.

The matte of the stamping really contrasts with the holographic dazzle of the polish.

A simple, but effective combo.

Tomorrow?  We go PINK !!!  

Love xx :)

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