Saturday, 5 January 2013

NEW31DC Day 5 - Purple - OPI You Ottaware Purple

Hi Goddesses

Today's colour is my beloved purple and look what we have here ....this is the accidental 31st post that I did for 30 Days of Purple.  She's been waiting patiently for a chance to shine ever since!

The base for this is OPI You Ottaware Purple a real old-time OPI classic.  It's quite sheer, so I think this was 4 coats.

This is another mani where in real life I wasn't super wowed by the colour, but in these photos, it's like a little bit of magic has happened - will you look at all that shimmer ?  Pretty spectacular.

I then embellished it with some pretty purple flowers.   It looked very girly (not like me) lol, but I think the purple just saves it.

These flowers were quite tricky to wear - you can see in some angles they didn't want to lay flat.  Also, because they stick out from the nail so much, you can't batter them down with top coat, so they did fly off quite quickly!

Tomorrow we move away from "just a colour" and look at Your Favourite Colour Family.  Wow, what could that be ??!!

Love xx :)

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