Sunday, 6 January 2013

NEW31DC Day 6 - Your Favourite Colour Family

Hi Goddesses

Well, you must have trumped with shock to see that I have done purple today :)  But not just purple, nooooooo - 5 untried purple glitters.  And don't you DARE ask how one person can have 5 untried purple glitters lol, I'm a Crumpet, and along with vodka, purple glitter (and a few red squares) is what's in my blood :)

Now, the objective of this post was that I would wear all 5, over a lovely 1 coat base of Barry M Blackberry, and immediately decide that only one of them was necessary in my life.  Yeh, let's see how that went, shall we ?

Goddesses, our contenders -

- on the thumb, Enderman by Daring Digits
- on index, No More by Different Dimension (a newish indie who really excites me)
- on middle, Cosmic Purple by UK brand w7
- on ring, Attitude by piCture pOlish
- and on pinkie, Sour Grapes by Candeo

So, I put them all on, and what should have happened next was something along the lines of "yes no yes yes no".  Instead?  "Oh."  Yes, oh.  1 wowed me, and the others, oooh I am torn.  I like one I was expecting not to, and the others .... aaaah, they're a bit similar .... oh crikey.

Let's start with Daring Digits Enderman, an unexpected hit. Being the cheapest (bar the w7), I (wrongly) had low expectations of this one, but actually, it turns out to be one of my favourites.  Anything to do with square glitter ?  Yeh, probably, and the black glitter too, although it's not so obvious in the photo.

Stand out for me is the w7 - Cosmic Purple, on middle.  I just was not expecting this blast of awesome colour.  Love this, absolutely love this, and a full mani is now necessary. Tissues for drool in cubicle 7 !!

I have to be fair and admit Attitude by piCture pOlish probably shouldn't have been in this post.  It's the odd one out due to its scattered holo base, and it's hard to get a true sense of it next to all the glitter.

Which leaves us with Different Dimension on index and Candeo on pinkie, both brands I have been excited to try .... and yet .... oh crap, I've got too many purple glitters, haven't I ?  That's why they're not speaking to me ... or maybe they're just whispering :)

Which is your favourite ??

Love xx

Oh look!  I just realised I did a mani to match the challenge background lolololololol.

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