Monday, 7 January 2013

NEW31DC Day 7 - Skittle - Enchanted Polish Skittle

Hi Goddesses

Today is Skittle Day.  Skittles are one of my favourite types of mani - it's permission to be random!

I thought I would be clever and try a variety of untrieds today, all by the same brand, Enchanted Polish.  I bought these in the summer, after EP exploded with popularity but due to the lack of English sun, never got round to wearing them.  Today there is *still* no English sun, but hey ho!

The polishes are being worn in the following order -
- index - Hot Glam Girl, a hot hot pink
- middle - Cranberry Cosmo, a pinky red
- ring - Across The Universe, a blue purple duochrome
- thumb and pinkie - Octopus's Garden - blurple duochrome. With holo !!!

Here's swatches of each individual polish -

Hot Glam Girl

Cranberry Cosmo

Across The Universe

Octopus's Garden

The holo in these polishes isn't the strongest I've ever seen, but the quality is outstanding, particularly on the 2 colour benders.

Application was super smooth and effortless, and actually, I LOVED the skittle effect!  I found I was constantly staring at some part of my mani.

Tomorrow is holo, duochrome or flakie ....  :) xx

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