Tuesday, 8 January 2013

NEW31DC Day 8 -Duochrome - Glitter Gal Hidden Violets Soft

Hi Goddesses

Today's Challenge is Duochrome, Holo or Flakie.  To be fair, I could do a whole 31 Days of this theme lol - whoops!  Over the last year I have bought LOTS of duochromes, and yet for some bizarre reason (possibly because I bought a lot of them as summer approached), a lot of them remain untried.

Today we have one of the loveliest from that untried mountain - Hidden Violets Soft from Glitter Gal.  There is also a non-soft version of this, and I'll do a comparison post eventually lol.

These polishes are quite sheer, and usually look best over black.  As you know, I am not a black polish fan, so I layered most of these over Barry M Gelly Blackberry (2 coats over 1 coat of Barry).  The ring finger is JUST the Glitter Gal - I was surprised it built up as nicely as it did - and is 3 coats.

Quite frankly, some of these photos leave me a little breathless - will you LOOK at that bend ?  How amazing is that?!    It's a shame that I probably have 6 polishes identical to this, but I imagine this will be the most lush out of them all.

Ah, I can not stop staring at it.  Too beautiful, too beautiful.

And finally, just for kicks, look at this last photo.  The reflection of the window is captured on the nails - now tell me that doesn't look like Doctor Who's TARDIS lol.

Tomorrow is an exciting day - it sees the start of the art phase of the New 31 Day Challenge - see you there xx

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