Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Review - I Love NP

Hi Goddesses

I Love NP is an indie maker causing some waves at the moment for the prettiness of her glitterbombs, some of which are just purrfect.   When Barbra offered me the chance to review a couple, I jumped at the chance, and even picked one with some green in it!  Uh-huh!

I want to start though with the bottles and the packaging.  Will you LOOK at how sexy they are ?  The packaging is just stunning.

I also love the bottles, and the labels on the bases are super cute too.  All in all,it's a very professionally designed product, which gives it a luxury feel for an average price tag.

So, let's start with that green - this is Christmas In Bordeaux, and every time I have seen someone swatch this, I have squealed a little.

As a square glitter lover, this is perfection, and the contrast of red and green is balanced by a base laced with gold shimmer.

The sparkle in this polish is just fantastic - the gold lifts it to another level.  Utterly stunning.   I layered mine over OPI Thanks A Windmillion.

Next we have the gorgeous and it has to be said GLORIOUS Berry Sweet.   I layered this over Barry M Blackberry and the combo is a killer!

Berry Sweet is a deadly mix of fuchsia and violet glitter, in various shapes, including my beloved squares.  This is just pure dazzle.

I could NOT stop staring at my hand the day I wore this.  What doesn't come across so well in the photos is that layered over such a dark purple, this almost looked like sparkling flakies.  Awesome.

For my final polish, I chose something a little bit different.  Her Highness is described as a mix of fuchsia, gold and BROWN glitters - brown!  I never do brown !

And look what a stunner she is.  I layered her over KIKO 320, Beige Mauve, a delicious chocolatey milkshade colour.

Again, the combo was a winner, with the fuchsia popping off the subtle base.  Another glorious glitter.

So, what was the quality like ?  Great.  Most of these were dabbers, which is fine, and if I didn't get the glitter exactly where I wanted it on the first coat, I just went back and added a few more strategic dabs here and there.

What I do want to comment on though is the smell of these polishes.   All I Love NP are 3-free, yet to smell them, you'd disagree.  I checked this with Barbra as I have seen other people comment on it, and I wanted to give her the chance to explain "the science bit" - here's what she said :

I believe that stronger odor is due to the acrylic polymer included in the formula. According to our supplier, the polymer gives the polish an excellent "glassy" appearance and improves the strength and quality of the polish overall but it does have an almost 'industrial' odor to it.

I tested 5 or 6 different suspension bases for glitters and found this particular base performed the best. I knew the smell was a little strong but I went with my gut.

I read someone thinking that the polish was not 3-free due to the odor but I can guarantee that this isn't the case. We've had the base independently tested at a lab prior to ordering to confirm that it does not contain toluene, dibultyl phtlalate, or formaldehyde. 

Although I'm sensitive to smells, these weren't so bad as to put me off, which is fortunate cos I bloody love them !!  They do not smell even half like a KleanColor or a Models Own Mirrorball.

You can buy I Love NP on Etsy here and follow her on Facebook here.  Personally, I can't wait to go and scoff up some more :)

Love xx

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.
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