Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Crumpet Amateur Nail Art Contest - January

Hi Goddesses

One of the ideas on my Bucket List that you were VERY excited about was the monthly nail contest.  

Each month will have a different theme, and you will be able to vote on who the winner should be!  I will also pick 3 Honourable Mentions.

This month, the theme is the New 31 Day Challenge.  You can pick ANY day from the Challenge, and do a mani.  There's lots of variety in there, so it should be suitable for almost everyone.

* the contest is open for amateurs only.  This means you must either NOT have a blog, or have blog with less than 50 followers (not combined followers, go with whichever platform has the highest number).  Please don't break this rule - this contest is to give polish lovers who rarely enter contests the chance to do so.  If you're more professional, stay tuned for YOUR opportunity :)

* there is no prize lol, it's just for fun.

* to submit your entry you will need a photo and you will need to click on ADD YOUR LINK at the bottom of this post. Enter as the url if you do not have a blog of your own, and then enter your own details.  When it clicks through to the next screen, you then need to UPLOAD PHOTO FROM COMPUTER.

* the winner will be based on votes received.  You can vote via this page.  Votes and submissions will be accepted until 31st January ends in the UK - remember, the earlier you post, the more chance you have to receive votes!

* and here are your inspiration choices - anything from the New 31 Day Challenge

So, what are you waiting for - good luck !!  

Love xx 

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