Thursday, 14 February 2013

Different Dimension - Aorta Miss You But I Don't

Hi Goddesses

When I first posted the Different Dimension polishes I had been sent for review, 2 were missing - Vervain, which I posted earlier this week, and THIS, Aorta Miss You But I Don't.

Why have I saved it til last?  Well, will ya look at it ??  Could it BE any more Crumpet-y or perfectly purple ??  Gah, I love this SO much.

AMYBID is a crushed blend of pink, purple, magenta and berry glitters, with some holo magic thrown in - please observe the magic of the blurred shots - and it also contains some purple hearts, which sadly (or for me, not so sadly) didn't make it on to my nail.

Gasp!  I just can't believe how much this dances in the light, and no, I make no apologies for ALL the photos lol.

The drama of Barry M Blackberry made the perfect base - all decadent juicy goodness for AMYBID to dance on.

There is no other word - WOW.

You can buy Different Dimension polish on Etsy - HERE.

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