Friday, 15 February 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Love and Heartbreak - The Creeper

Hi Goddesses

Today's mani - the last of this theme week - is all about The Stamp.  It's vines, dotted with hearts and it's AWESOME!!!

So for once, I'm going to start with the stamp, not the polish.  The masterpiece comes from LeaLac plate LLC-B which is available from Llarowe.

 I just love how bold this stamp is.  I stamped with Barry M Silver Foil.

This stamp is sitting on a base of Pretty and Polished Blood Clot - a red jelly laden with glitter - and I think they make a fab combination.

I also love that although there is red in the mani, it's not the hearts that are red.  I do like to be a little perverse sometimes :)

I hope you've enjoyed this week - there's been some great art as ever from my lovely ladies - see you next month .... I can't tell you WHAT the theme is but OMG I'm dreading it.  Yup.  DREADING it.

Pray for me xxx :)

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