Friday, 8 February 2013

HARE Rusty Hearts - to Hearts

Hi Goddesses

I hope Friday finds you well and looking forward to the weekend.  I am just waiting for my Chinese - mmmmmm :)  This makes me HAPPY !!  Ha ha.

Somehow, I seem to have accumulated quite a few stamping manis with hearts on them - don't know why - and basically, if I don't post them this weekend, they'll pretty much have to wait a whole year, and I don't think anything has had to wait in the vault for a whole year lol.

This base is HARE Rusty Hearts, which is absolutely gorgeous, and will be featuring in a swatch post soon.  It's a deep saturated cherry-brownish red, which is also lit from within with the most amazing golden flakie glitterness.  It's pure awe.

I then stamped over it with a plate called "30" - ooops, no can't remember - and originally, I was going to post this at Christmas, as it looked like Christmas baubles to me.

Either way, you can never lose with red and gold.

Enjoy the hearts, from me to you :)  xx
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