Saturday, 2 February 2013

January 2013 - My Favourite Things, New Things and Highlights

Hi Goddesses

Wow, didn't January seem a LONG month!  Wow, it was never ending.   Still it had some pretty good moments, so let's have a recap shall we?

What's New ?

- well, I joined Instagram - there's a whole other world out there with some seriously amazing nail artists.  Wow.  If you want to follow me, my thingy is thecrumpet1
- I launched the Crumpet Amateur Nail Art Contest (but made a bit of a mess with the voting) and the Blogger of the Month Award. 
- I topped 1500 Facebook followers and 1750 on the blog.  I love my little milestones
- and of course there was the NEW31DC, which I loved
- started the New Blogger Boot Camp series
- I also started a new nail page where everyone can either share their manis, or come and view manis posted by others.  It's called Magnificent Marvellous Manis and you can join it HERE.

Favourite Polish of the Month

Hands down, no questions, The Greatest Treasure by Literary Lacquers.  An orangey pinky corally reddy holo.  Wow,  so gorgeous, and my definite go-to polish for those days when you need a little Cheer Me Up.

Highlight of the Month

I've received a LOT of polish to review this month - possibly more than all the previous months combined, and it means a lot to be trusted by others to represent their brand.   No package was as exciting though as the Barry M package, and I can't tell you how much it means to me to be one of their official bloggers, and to have the chance to seriously promote a brand that I adore.

Bummer of the Month

The new British postal laws which make shipping polish internationally illegal.   Polish coming IN to the UK is fine, it's just sending polish out.  Seriously.  All the problems the world has and we're scared of a bottle of POLISH ???  Geeeeeez.

Music of the Month

Having a 9yr old daughter allows me access to all the pop music I shouldn't like at my age lol, and nothing made me and Beth sing this month more than Something New by Girls Aloud.   

TV of the Month

With the Christmas holidays, I had a bit of catch up on all the stuff I'd recorded and watched Smash in one great big weekend gulp.   Did it have mixed reviews in the US?  I loved it, but then I also love Debra Messing in anything.

Stats of the Month

Total page views - 55k
Number of Posts - 58
Highest Viewed Post - Crumpet Amateur Nail Art Contest - 1458
Highest Viewed Post - Swatch - Barry M Textured Nail Paint - 905
Highest Viewed Post - Art - Day 1 of the 31DC Black and White - 449

Exciting New Thing of the Month

I am really excited about Sally Magpies, a new UK web-based polish store.  Sally is already stocking all sorts of awesome - Picture Polish, Jade, Layla, Cirque - with guarantees of more awesome to come.  With the increase in International Shipping charges, this can only be good news.

I hope you liked my little round up.  If there's anything else you would like to see included in it, just leave me a comment below.

Lots of love xxx

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