Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Nails Inc Concrete - Flame Art

Hi Goddesses

So last week I showed you the Nails Inc Concrete polishes - HERE.    At the time, I said nail art WAS possible with them, but that it had to be a certain type of nail art (having failed, I felt, with my soldiers, here).

THIS is why I love the Concretes.  I'm going to share with you how I did this mani, but most of all, just look at that finish - doesn't it look like it's an oil canvas ?  I don't know of any other way I could have gotten this effect.

This started out as a base of Monument, the horrible yellow polish.  I then gradiented with it, using Barry M Coral.   The unevenness of the base allowed for some cool gradienting effects, but it was also harder to control.

After that layer, I decided on the flame theme, and added some Barry M Blood Orange to the tips, to take the gradient darker.

I then stamped using Cheeky CH52.  As you can see, stamping isn't a guaranteed success on this bumpy base, but I love the overall effect.

So what do you think ?   As I said, it's the "oil canvas" style to the art that's appealing to me - it opens up so many doors of variety.

Have you bought any textured polishes yet ?  Are you ready to play with them ?

Enjoy xx :)
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