Thursday, 7 February 2013

NerdLacquer - Event Horizon

Hi Goddesses

Nerd time again, and this is actually quite a special post.  These were the first photos I ever took with my new camera ..... way back in August !  Yeh ... there is no explanation!!

Again, Event Horizon has since been rehomed.  Gorgeous though it is, it's just a little too teallytastic for me to keep, as I know it will rarely get worn.  There's no denying however that it's a really gorgeous polish.

This is a cold blend of petrol blue and forest green, mixed with icy holographic glitter and then left to simmer.   There's something semi-chemical about the overall colour, and I mean that in a good way.

Event Horizon also happens to be the scariest film I have EVER watched.  Have you seen it??  Woah, that film does not let go!

But back to the ahem polish .... deliciously twisted, cold and possibly fatal.  This one is epic.

Enjoy xx :)
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