Monday, 18 February 2013

piCture pOlish Monday - Monroe

Hi Goddesses

It's strange how the wheels of the universe sometimes align.    No sooner had I received this, than Zoya Blaze arrived in the post, and no sooner had I put this on than I kept having flashbacks of OPI Extravagance.   Suffice to say, I think another red holo comparison post is looming :)

So last week I showed you O'Hara, an utterly deliciously bright candy red scattered holo, and today we have another red holo, but one at the other end of the spectrum.

Monroe lives in ruby-burgundy land and is stunning, as you'd expect.    She's quite sultry, and vampy, and has a far darker heart than O'Hara.

In fact, this is Monroe Mark II.  The original was released last year - a crimson crelly, scattered with holographic dust particles, and whilst it was gorgeous, it wasn't quite what it said on the tin.

Monroe Mark II now aligns the piCture pOlish holos, and means O'Hara, Monroe and Cosmos stand shoulder pad to shoulder pad with Kryponite and Attitude.    Personally, I think that makes brand-sense, but it is a bit galling to have to buy the same polish twice.

As ever, no application issues whatsoever, the only thing that's left is to have some fun, and later in the week you'll see what happened when O'Hara and Monroe faced off :)

Don't forget to check out Claudia over at the Holographic Hussy - I believe she has Atomic to show you today.

This polish was sent to me for review.  You can buy piCture pOlish from a variety of places which are listed HERE.  If you are in the UK, you can now buy piCture pOlish from the magnificent Sally Magpies HERE.

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