Sunday, 24 February 2013

piCture pOlish Monroe - Old v New

Hi Goddesses

I've been trying to clear out my vault this morning, and as I did so, I found these !!  Photos of the original version of piCture pOlish Monroe!  And I know how you all love a good comparison post ....

A word first - I thought I had deleted these, and with good reason.  These photos are not great, and that was the huge disappointment of wearing the original polish - it looked pretty and twinkly on my nails, but I just couldn't get a good shot, due to lack of English sun, old camera, bad lighting blah blah blah.

I've included a couple of strange photos, because they show a lot of the old bottle.  This, more than anything, illustrates how different these polishes are.

Monroe version 1 had super fine fairy dust in a crelly base, whilst Monroe version 2 has fully integrated sugar holo coarse particles.

For me, there's no contest, the 2nd version is superior in every way, and I also like that it's now aligned with the same properties as the other holos in the piCture pOlish line.   I still don't like that they "recreated" the polish within 6 months of its birth, but I do prefer the later version.

If you like the original version, it's going to be tricky.  It's no longer produced, so you're only going to find it through blog sales and swap groups, but it will be out there.

Enjoy xx :)
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