Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Review - Chirality Cereal Killer Polishes

Hi Goddesses

Chirality is a relatively new to me indie brand.  Her first collection was an amazing range of holos, so I was very excited when Amanda offered to send me her next collection to review.

I sat there greedily expecting more holo yumminess ... but oh, what's this .. oh, this is different ... 4 polishes, all pretty much a jelly sandwich in a bottle, named after serial killers, but with the names twisted so that they sound like Cereals :)  I love a good sense of humour.

I want to talk generally about these polishes first.   Initially, I groaned.  You know I'm not good with white polishes.   I looked at Amanda's shop and saw they weren't really layering polishes so decided to go for it and wear them opaque .... only to find a friend HAD layered them over pastels :/

On each swatch I used 3ish layers of the polish to get the depth I wanted.  Occasionally, they had an extra dab in certain places to get the glitter coverage I wanted.   They all had a Poshe topcoat, and really benefitted from it in my opinion - it smoothed out all the lumps and bumps and evened the coverage out.  And do you know what?  I think I fell a little bit in love with them.

I'm going to start with the purple, Raisin Gein, because it was my favourite.  Yeh, yeh, big surprise .. but actually, my reason for it has nothing to do with the purple, and more the fact that this was the most multi-tonal of all the polishes.

I really like how this seems to have lilacs, dark purples and browny purples, and it's the combination of the 3 that gives this one an added wow factor.

Dahmer Crunch is the black one, and this one was lovely.   The combination of layers gave this a granite type effect - layers of greys in differing hues.

This one had the deepest glitter concentration for me - whether by design or the idiosyncracies of a particular batch, I don't know - and that added to the effect.

Bundy Berries is the blue one and this is perhaps the brightest of the quartet.  The blue is highly dazzling.

This one merges with its base slightly more than the others.  It's no different in terms of composition, but it does have a slightly different vibe.

And finally Special BTK, the red one.  I thought this would be my winner of the bunch, but surprisingly it wasn't.  

I think it's harder to do this type of polish with a red - you just can't get the same colour variances that you can with a blue or a green.  This was still pretty, but less intriguing than the others.

And now the best bit.   Because they all needed 3 layers, I couldn't help but wonder - could they be layered on top of each other ?

And the answer is a resounding yes!   So buy 4 polishes and then get at least 10 different looks - genius!

The other thing I appreciated about these polishes is that they are a jelly sandwich in a bottle.  Now for me, jelly sandwich is something I have NEVER been able to perfect, so I loved the novelty of finally having one on my fingers !

Chirality polishes are sold HERE and you can follow on Facebook HERE.   These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

Enjoy xx :)
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