Sunday, 10 February 2013

Review - Different Dimension - Love's A Punny Thing Collection

Hi Goddesses

Are you sitting comfortably ?  I hope so, cos this one is a WHOPPER of a post.  It's also filled with lusciousness, oooooh-and-aaaaah-ness, and you may very well need a drool bucket too :)

I was sent 8 polishes to review by Different Dimension, and today you're going to see 6.  Why?  Because one is so special I'm saving it as my post for the 14th, and I did some awesome stamping on the other one, so I'm saving that too :)

One thing to say about all the polishes - I loved them, absolutely loved them, but I did have some difficulty extracting the larger glitter pieces.  Now personally, that didn't bother ME, as I don't like shaped glitters, but I knew I needed to be able to show YOU.  As you can see, after some fishing, I landed my glitters lol.  I'm sure my issue came from having mini bottles rather than full sized ones, and I think that's one of the reasons Missi doesn't sell her glitters in minis anymore.  Other than that, application was easy and stress-free.

Let's dive right in with Walk of Shame.  This is the only non-glitter in the Collection, and it's a little bit weird!  It's a burgundyish base, sprinkled with coppery goodness.

When I put the first coat on, I was really worried I should have worn undies, but it builds up surprisingly quickly.   I used 3 coats.

I think for me this is going to be an autumn winner - I love the mix of those colours.

I then layered it with A Love Hue, a fabulous pink glitter bomb.   In the bottle, this reminded me a lot of OPI Excuse Moi, but it looks totally different on the nail.  This is one layer, no top coat.

I think these 2 matched each other quite well.  I also like that the glitters responded to the base, rather than just sitting on top of it.  Lovely.

Next one of my faves of the collection - Love Her?  I Don't Even Lacquer (one of the reasons I love this brand so much is Missi's sense of humour and brilliant polish names).

This is a black and white glitter mix, peppered with holographic particles and the odd random heart.   I've layered it over Layla Ceramic Effect in Killing Red.

I totally adore this combination.   It's the cleverness of the glitter mix too - there's so much going on - I love those magical square pieces.

Next we have The Pastel One - Yours, Mine and Flowers.  Everyone seems to have a pastel glitter these days, and this one also contains flower shaped glitters.

I layered this over OPI Planks A Lot.  It's not very Valentine-y but it's a totally springtime look.

All Red-y In Love is possibly my least favourite in the collection, but for me that's like having a "least favourite" flavour of crisps (I love em all lol).   

I don't know if I did this a disservice by layering it over a neutral (Barry M Lychee) in my attempt to avoid a more obvious red or pink base.

I think as well, this glitter seems to have less variation than the others, veering from micro pink and red glitter to the big holographic hearts.  Maybe a few medium random pieces would have helped.

And finally for today Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler which is (I think) from a different collection.  This one is lovely, but I was trying so hard to resist layering it over purple lol.

This is a delicious combo of violet, gold and green glitter which I layered over Essie No Place Like Chrome.  I think my camera got a bit confuzzled in some of these pics, but this really popped in real life.

So there you go.  I LOVED all these, and why not, they're from my favourite red-purple colour zone for the most part.   

You can buy Different Dimension polishes HERE or follow her on Facebook HERE.

Enjoy - see you later in the week with more! xxx
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