Sunday, 3 February 2013

Review - More Black Cat Lacquer Awesomeness

Hi Goddesses

You join me in a very sleepy mood this Sunday.  I only got up 2 hours ago, and already I feel a nap is in order - would that be rude?

Today I have some more Black Cat Lacquer polishes to show you which were sent to me for review.  I can hand on heart say that BCL is one of my favourite indie brands - I think we just understand each other.  Both Sabrina and I seem to like the same brash mix of colours, and they ALWAYS bring me joy.

I'm actually going to start with my favourite from this bunch - Vogue.   Initally, I thought it was just another black and white glitter .... oh no no no no no no!

It's the random smatterings of rainbow in this that I love.  That occasional flash of red or yellow glitter.  This one really blew me away.

I layered this on top of KIKO 238, a stunning orange-red, and this really made all the glitter POP.  Total winner.

Next we have Frozen, a shard glitter made up of white, teal and purple, which I layered over KIKO 381, Purple Grey.

Last year, I would have hated this glitter, but it's a sign of how much someone's tastes can change that I now love shard glitter. I love the irregularity of the pieces and the random effect they give.

Again, this is a case of glitter loves base - don't they look perfect together ?

Next, I Want Candy, the purple one :)   It's not going to surprise you that this made me happy :)  This is a jelly base,  smattered with blue, lilac and pastel glitters - round ones!!

This is 3 coats on all fingers except the ring finger, where I layered it over OPI Planks A Lot, so that you could see the difference wearing undies made.

I think I prefer it over a base, but there is something perfectly springlike about it in its jelly form.

Holiday On The Moon is a pretty blue glitter filled with multi toned blue and holographic glitters - this *really* sparkles.

It also contains stars and moons - you know I'm not a huge fan of shaped glitter, but they're sparse enough to not over-dominate, and you could also pick them out if you wanted.

I layered this over Barry M Blue Moon - I couldn't resist the mixing of the names lol.

And finally This Charming Man.   Initially, this gave me some issues, but then it made an almighty comeback!   Let's start first with the mani that wasn't successful.

Initially I wore this polish without undies, and did 1 coat on each nail.  I then tried to build the thumb to opacity and realised that even at 3 coats, it was that shade of orange which is just a smidge too pale for me.  So I then layered each nail with Barry M Coral, and what you finally see is a mixture of the coral and differing coats of TCM on the nails.

I felt disappointed afterwards, so I went back to the drawing board, and this time I started with KIKO 236 and then layered on This Charming Man and -

Kapow !!  How gorgeous is that ?!   The depth of the base suddenly allows the goldy orangey goodness of the glitter to shine through, to stunning effect.

Totally digging how juicy and summery this version is - ah, it looks so succulent!  I want to drink it :)

I love all these polishes.  In fact, I'm not sure there's a Black Cat Lacquer yet that I haven't loved.   I personally really gravitate to how Sabrina throws her colours together, and if you're looking for something just a little bit quirky, BCL is where you need to be.

Black Cat Lacquer is sold on Etsy HERE and you can follow on Facebook HERE.   

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

Enjoy xx :)
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