Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sat-ART-Day Club - Amethyst Skittles aka The First Time I Used Acrylics

Hi Goddesses

And a very happy weekend to you!  Today The Sat-ART-Day Club is back after a little holiday, and today's theme is amethyst skittles!  Skittles, for those of you who may not know, is when you do each nail differently.

Now, despite all my purple lovery, I very rarely use the word amethyst, so I had to Google to get the exact tone right.  Basically, amethyst isn't purple, or lilac or violet, but somewhere in between.

Step forward Picture Polish Warning, an amazing shade, primarily a blue-toned violet, but with some serious shimmer going on.  It's pretty breathtaking just on its own, and you'll see it in more of its glory soon.

This post though, is mainly about Ooooooh My Acrylics Arrived!   As some of you know, I decided to take the plunge and buy some acrylic nail paints as they are supposed to be better for nail art.  So how did that go?  Same hot mess ....

Firstly, please step forward this heap of shit that I bought off eBay.  Do not EVER buy this product.  These are called "acrylic nail art pens".  They look like they have a nice nib and give great control - certainly the accompanying photo shows some very fine and intricate art work.

They arrive.  They don't feel like pens. They're cheap squeezy tubes, but ok, the nib looks nice.  You do a practice line - oh, ok.  Then you squeeze again, and nothing comes out.  Then you squeeze again and the pen does a big hot shit over your nail.  Yup, that's what happened to the middle nail.

The middle nail was supposed to have random lines on it.  The stripe from this pen was about 2mm high and 2mm wide.  WTF???  Instead of wiping it off (which I should have done) I tried to salvage it by spreading the blob with a dotting tool into this spooky blob pattern.  At that stage I thought it was me.  But then I tried to do a swirl on my thumb, and the same thing happened.  Paint so high you'd need a ladder to top coat it.

So, those have now gone in the BIN.   Then I turned to my proper acrylic tubey things, and this is what you see on the thumb, the index and the pinkie.  Advantage of acrylics - you can mix your own colours, so each of those nails features a colour I mixed, and then kept varying.  Pretty cool.

Disadvantage of acrylics - brush control still required lol.  So they're not a "quick fix" for anyone struggling with nail art, but as they are less runny and less gloopy, they do even the playing field somewhat.   The thumb had squiggles (used too thick a brush), the index had horizontal stabs with a flat edged brush (not bad) and then the pinkie had stripes (not bad at all).

The ring finger is topped with I Love NP Purple Stuff, seriously gorgeous random blend of glitter, and again, you'll see more of that soon.

So ..... I'm off to play a bit more with my acrylics.  I think YouTube may also be calling me.  Nail tragedy or nail success, you'll get a ringside seat :)

Enjoy xx :)  

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