Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sat-ART-Day Club - Away With The Fairies

Hi Goddesses

I am a grumpy Crumpy this morning.  Beth has woken me up (which she is NEVER allowed to do) by squealing and running riot with Bluebelle and it's not even 9am.  My Saturdays?  They never tend to start much before noon.  Gggggrrrr.

Today's theme sounded so cute, and then reality hit - what the HELL was I going to do lol.   The obvious choice was the Red Angel Stamping Plates as they have "fairies" on them - unfortunately, these fairies look more like strippers, and I really didn't want to take that route.

Instead, I found a Red Angel plate RA-115 which featured a huge pair of bushy angel wings, and decided to draw my fairies *inside* the wings, with a wing collage on the thumb.    Clever huh ?

Yeh .... except I seem to have ended up with the scariest fairies EVER - they look like neon wraiths!  I think the shredded dresses, blank faces and windblown hair all added up to too much.  Sorry, they're not happy giddy little fairies :(

Technicals - the base is the gorgeous Book of Shadows by Cirque, which I'll be doing a proper post on soon.  The dresses and the faces were done by mixing acrylic paints, and then the hair ... argh, the hair.  Eventually, this was done using a nail art pen, but only after another refused to work.  It also decided to be awkward - hence the windblown hair lol.

So now that my scary fairies have spooked the crap out of you, go!  Enjoy your Saturday.  Lol.


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