Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sat-ART-Day Club DOES Dotticures with Nails Inc

Hi Goddesses

I hope you have lots of good things planned for the weekend.  Mine mainly involves watching a load of stuff I've recorded on Sky+ - Doctor Who and The Following.  Is anyone er "following" The Following ?  I've heard loads of good things about it, so I'm quite excited.

Today's mani - sad face.  Actually, that's not right.  Today's mani is awesome, but the photos are not.  I'm sitting staring at it right now, and I love it so much I don't want to take it off, but for some reason my camera just could not deal with it.

This is a gradient involving 2 Nails Incs.  The paler colour is Royal Botanical Gardens.  It's one of their newest shades and it's a deliciously icy but intense minty green.  It was also very nearly opaque in one coat.

The darker polish is one of their older ones, Reeves Mews, a jade-teal type colour that I don't wear very often.  Look at the bottle shot - it's DARK.  Look at the photos - WTF ???

As a gradient, this pair looked amazing, but weirdly, they also looked like the sea merging into the sky .. yes, despite being green.  Weird, but good weird.

I then dotted over them.  I don't yet have an awesome cream, so I mixed OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls with some Barry M Lychee.

Overall, this has got a really vintage feel - total accident, not planned.   It looks like something Cath Kidston would create, if she ever did nail wraps!

So, look at the photos, imagine the green a LOT darker, and presto, we're on the same page.  How annoying :/

Lots of xxx

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