Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Butter London Toff

Hi Goddesses

Butter London are one of my absolute favourite brands, especially for creams.  Rich, glossy and super gorgeous, they apply like a dream and look as expensive as they are!  (Fact fans: they're cheaper in the US than the UK lol).  And this is Toff, which is the British word for a posh person, usually someone with a title - all the toffs were at polo lol.

Toff came to me in my epic swap with Sheila from Pointless Cafe and it's a polish that I love and find myself in a little bit of a dilemma about, all at the same time.

Let's talk colour first.  Toff is a perfect shade for autumn - it's like a chocolate milkshake with plums added.  Plumshake, if you will.  It's warm, it's cosy and it's VERY rich looking.

So why the dilemma Crumpet ?  Well, this is the sort of colour I used to love and have really grown out of in the last year.  It's that indefinable not brown not pink so what is it kind of colour that I associate with grown ups and elegant ladies.  So I keep looking at my nails and cooing, for it is super gorgeous, but I've found it REALLY hard to think of any art or other polish that would complement it.

To be honest, it IS beautiful enough to be worn on its own, and anything else would detract from its beauty ....  but with so many polishes, is it worth keeping it to wear once a year ?

I don't know.    Mmmmmm Plumshake ....

Enjoy xx :)
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