Saturday, 23 March 2013

COMPARISON - Hare Atolla v Butter London Disco Biscuit

Hi Goddesses

Things move very fast in CrumpetLand.  It's an ideas place, a land where so many things are started and born ... and rarely finished.

Take this blog post.  It was breathed into life when I bought ALL the Hare polishes in November .... and it's sat in the vault ever since.  Why?  Because OTHER ideas came along.  Not better, just OTHER.  Sheeeeesh.

So here we finally are, comparing the GLORIOUS Hare Atolla  and one of my favourite polishes of 2012, Butter London Disco Biscuit.  Let's start with a few photos of Atolla -

And some solo shots of Disco Biscuit -

Both are dazzlingly bright fuschia crellies, laden with irridescent sparkle.  They ARE very similar, but not without their differences.

Atolla is the coarser of the two.  The crelly is deeper and slightly darker, and opacity builds much more easily.  Disco Biscuit either needs 4 coats or a matching base (I usually use Zoya Dana), whereas Atolla can be worn without undies.

Disco Biscuit is also finer when it comes to the irridescent particles.   DB has fine, dust-like shimmer, whereas Atolla is slightly bolder.

So are they dupes?  Not technically, but yes, they are extremely similar.  So similar that it would be wrong to keep both.   Atolla has more oomph and is the easier to apply, but Disco Biscuit has had a 12 month hold on my heart.

Dilemmas ....

Enjoy xx :)
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