Monday, 11 March 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Geek Week - Bookworm!

Hi Goddesses

I'm not gonna lie, Geek Week has caused me weeks of stress.   Firstly, I had zero ideas.  Luckily, readers on my FB page came to my assistance with some awesome ideas, so thank you for prompting some creative spark!

Secondly, I was ill last week, which completely wrecked my schedule.  At one point, I didn't even think I'd be completing the challenge, but thanks to the anti-biotics, we're here :)

To be honest, this wasn't supposed to be my launch mani for this week, but I loved it too much to take it off and do what I DID have planned for Day 1 (maybe you'll get that tomorrow).   In fact, so good is this mani (for me, anyway) that Beth, bless her, almost fainted when I told her I'd freehanded it.  Lol.

I'm not going to talk too much about the mani actually, but just briefly, this is a bookworm, munching his way through a bookshelf (thanks Sam at work for the idea!)   I used acrylic paints and my new Born Pretty art brushes, and well, I got precision I've never had before.  Colour me gobsmacked!

So I thought I'd talk instead today about books, as they ARE one of the big loves of my life and one of the things I am geeky about.   I rarely lend people my books, because I can't bear them to get damaged, and I NEVER throw them away, as that is just sacrilege.

So, my favourite authors - 
* Sylvia Plath
* Harlan Coben
* John Sandford
* Lisa Gardner
* Meg Gardiner

Favourite TYPE of book -
* As you may have gathered from the above, I like crime and suspense.  I am not very partial to UK books ironically.  I seem to be so saturated with US culture that I like my crime US style.

Last Book That Blew Me Away
* ppppfffff I really can't remember.   I struggled with the Stieg Larsson books until halfway through the first one.  I LOVE both Meg and Lisa (as mentioned above) - they are that rare thing, an author where each book is as good as the last.  That doesn't happen very often these days.

Ok, easier question - Books in my LIFE that blew me away
* Sylvia Plath's Ariel - knockout poetry, just amazing.  So rich and bold.   A good hard punch to the soul every time.

* Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte.   THE love story of all time.  Again, there's bits of the book you have to "grind" on through, but wow, when it works, it WORKS.

* The Time Traveller's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger.   Probably my modern day favourite.  This book had me in tears.  Another phenomenal love story and a book I want to stay lost in every day of my life.

* Harry Potter - JK Rowling.  I know, but I LOVE them.  I love magic anyway, but for me, the most potent thing is how in this ridiculous modern world, they have been a brilliant reminder of the value of everything that really matters - love, and the things that are worth dying for.  And for the fact that she got THIS generation of children to read, she deserves every single million she's earnt.

Now, that's not my exhaustive list, but I would be very happy with that on a desert island.  I'd probably want to take some good thrillers by my favourite writers too.

Ironically, my obsession with nails has destroyed my love of reading.  Many was the weekend when I would lie in bed or in the bath all day and devour a book.  These days I paint and type :/   I need to get the balance back.

Hope you enjoyed our tangent :) xx

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