Thursday, 14 March 2013

Diigt-al Dozen DOES Geek Week - What Sort of Geek Are You?

Hi Goddesses

When I was Googling this week's theme, I happened to come across this awesome quote from the patron saint of geeks, Simon Pegg.

I think I initially struggled with inspiration for this week because I didn't realise *I* was a geek and I am!  On the same day, at work, I reminded people I was a stationery whore.  Then I got home and told someone I was a font geek, and then I spent most of the weekend blogging and writing.  So I decided doing a mani about my own personal geekiness was not a bad idea :)

You've already seen one of the things I'm geeky about - books.  Ever since I can remember, I've loved books, always had my nose in one, and if I wasn't reading, I was writing.   I started my first novel at 11.  Needless to say, I've started several since .... but never finished one :)

One of my favourite times of the year was always the last week of August.  It's my birthday then, but it also meant we were about to go back to school, and I LOVED school.  I also loved going to Woolworths the week before school returned, and spending my birthday money on awesome new pens and protractors and erasers and pencil sharpeners!  

Since then, I've become a full on stationery geek, and I love notepads, fancy pens - everything.  Ah, that deep plush moment of writing on the first page of a notebook - it's like the first footprint in snow.  Funny story - I spotted a gorgeous notebook last week and bought it, much to Beth's disappointment.  "Aw, I was going to buy you that for Mother's Day", she said.  Worry not, I replied, you can buy me another one.  She then pinned me with her scarily
 accurate version of my "look" and said - Mother, you won't use it if I get you a spare.  You're forever starting notebooks, but never finishing them!    She's 9.  Scary.

And then there's fonts.  I am a total font geek.  It's my things.  I love certain types of fonts - mainly the ones that resemble the handwriting I wish I had!   I can drive people mad with my obsession with fonts, and at work I always have disdain for people too lazy to type a report in anything other than Arial - just because it's first on the list doesn't mean you have to use it !!!!! Lol.

And that joins the middle and little fingers.  It's one of the things that makes me sad about Blogger, that the only fonts available are the ones that came out with Windows 1973.   Seriously, who wants to use a 21st century medium with the oldest most boring fonts!

This mani is a matte version of this week's Work Wear Wednesday comparison post - I thought matting it made it look a little like paper.  The stamps are from MJ3, OB38, and GA36.

Oh, and as you can perhaps see, NEVER EVER put a matte top coat on top of stamping - it smudges !!  After one stroke on the thumb and a quick scream, I Poshe'd it up and then matte coated over it.  And relaaaaaaax.

Enjoy xx :)

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