Saturday, 9 March 2013

Essence - Now Available in the UK !!!

Hi Goddesses

The most amazing thing has happened in the UK polish world in the last week - Essence and Catrice polishes are now freely available from Sally Magpies.

Both brands have a cult following but have always been tricky to get hold of.  They're both reasonably priced, (£2.75 for an Essence, £4 for Catrice) great quality and modern in both colour and variety.

So today, in honour and celebration, I have a mani featuring 2 lovely Essences (and I am loving the new bulb shaped bottles by the way) which were a gift from my polish love Emma.

Grey-t To Be Here will be on Work Wear Wednesday soon.  It's a delcious creamy grey, with copper shimmer.  It applied sooooo ridiculously smoothly.  Winner.

I then took Oh My Glitter, and feathered some strokes on.   OMG is a lovely medium purple, and it shares the same copper shimmer as the grey.

I deliberately wanted this to be a bit messy and a bit random.  I think the ring finger was my favourite.

Utter effortless "art".

Love xx 
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