Saturday, 2 March 2013

February - My Favourite Things

Hi Goddesses

I must confess, February has been a straaaange month.  It's super short, but it's felt super long, and although I think the quality of what I'm doing has improved massively, the blog isn't growing, which is sad.

So, what have I been up to?  Well, I feel I've done a lot of swatching this month, but most of the time I've also managed to combine it with some nail art.  We had Love and Heartbreak Week for Digit-al Dozen and piCture pOlish Mondays started.

This month has been all about texture - the Nails Inc, the Barry, the OPI and the Zoya and the Zoya PixieDusts are definitely my favourite polishes this month.  They apply easily, have beautiful pigmentation, as well as some indefinable fairy magic.  And they made me like a green!!  

Which leads to my Favourite Polish of the Month - Zoya Vespa

Highlights of the Month

I've had the opportunity to review some amazing polishes this month - Sally Hansen, Cirque, Black Cat Lacquer, Different Dimension, piCture pOlish and Chirality.  Here are some of my fave photos - 

My favourite nail art of the month was this Flame design I did with the Nails Inc Concretes.  It just works in so many ways.

Bummer of the Month

For the first time, I had a photo stolen.  This has never happened to me before (mainly because I don't think they were worth stealing lol).  This is the photo that got stolen -

It's my Barry M texture skittle, it shows all 4 polishes, and it was stolen by .... a website that sells nail polish that I have been a loyal customer of!!!   And worse, they removed the watermark.   If the watermark had stayed on, I honestly wouldn't have minded.   The owner of the website called it a "mistake", but I'm still a bit fuzzy on how you mistakenly remove someone's watermark.

Which leads to the real Bummer - I am now experimenting with how to do my watermark differently, and I've settled on a small version at the cuticle line, which is hopefully subtle, but awkward to remove :(

Music of the Month

I am a Glee obsessive and I just can't get enough of the the songs from The Break Up episode, surely Glee's finest EVER hour.  They've been on my ipod constantly.

TV of The Month

This month I have discovered Netflix!!!  Oh wow I love it.   I've been on a bit of a Doctor Who fest, catching up with the David Tennant episodes.  Suffice to say I now understand why he's everyone's favourite :)  Even Beth (who has only ever known Matt Smith) was impressed with his comedy skills.

Stats of the Month

Total page views - 49k, down from 55k the month before :( is this what happens when I post less ?
Number of Posts - 44, down from 58 in January
Highest Viewed Post - Crumpet Amateur Nail Art Contest - 864
Highest Viewed Post - Swatch - Sally Hansen new Spring polishes - 378
Highest Viewed Post - Art - Nails Inc Concrete Flame Art - 380

So, I'd really like your thoughts.  What's gone wrong with the blog this month?  Have you visited it less, if so why?  Any thoughts on the content, what turns you off and on, or are there just so many blogs out there, it's impossible to keep up?    Also, when you follow a blog, do you opt for Facebook or GFC ??

Have a great March - I am involved in 3 Challenges this month, yup, 3, so there will be lots more nail art, and hopefully, less failure and more success :)

Love xx

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