Sunday, 24 March 2013

HARE - Dog Day Dream

Hi Goddesses

If I'd actually gotten round to blogging this polish when I first swatched it in September, this would undoubtedly have been in my Top 3 indie polishes of the year.  Everything about this polish screams STUNNING !!!

Dog Day Dream - ah, I can't even BEGIN with how perfect this is.  For me, this is the colour zone I could wear forever - ruby, purple, pink, violet - all clashing and colliding into sensory overload.

As you know, I'm a big lover of colour clash polishes, and this is the cheerleader for that league.   Those flashes of orange glitter?  Genius, pure genius.

I love how this reminds me of a magical glass of port or punch.  There is something very red wine like about the base, and then all those delicious glitters bounce around drunkenly .... ah, seriously goddesses, ALLLLL day .....

This is another of those Crumpet-y perfect polishes. I could wear this every day, and I could babble on about it every day.  Amazing, just amazing.

Enjoy xx :)
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