Tuesday, 19 March 2013

HARE Polish - Rad Cloud

Hi Goddesses

I'm finally getting to the HARE swatches in the vault!!  This one has sat there since September and there is no good reason why it hasn't reached the blog yet :(

Happily though, Rad Cloud is PERFECT for Spring, so it might be a good thing that you're seeing it now.

This is a lilac polish, bombed with peach, purple, blue and green glitters.  The overall effect is stunning.

HARE polishes apply perfectly.  There are no "fishing" issues, no "OMG why is there no glitter on THIS section of my nail", or "why can't I get any glitter on my brush".  Considering their density, their application is nothing short of a miracle. This was 2 coats.

I also love the artistry with which Nikole throws her glitters together.  The colour clashes here are just perfect, and she gets extra points for adding square glitter lol.

The funniest thing for me though, in unearthing this post was how embarrassed I was by the photos.  They were only taken 6 months ago, but to me there is a massive difference in how they look to my current photos.  Hopefully you agree!

Enjoy xx :)
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