Saturday, 16 March 2013


Hi Goddesses

It's a LONG time since I did a haul post, so I thought I'd treat you today.  Also, a plea.  I've added the BLOGLOVIN logo back to my blog, and I'd be really grateful if you would follow me that way too.  I'm a little concerned what will happen when Google Reader gets withdrawn - and you wouldn't want to miss out on reading The Crumpet, would you?   If you're using your phone, here is the link - 

So, this is stuff I have purchased since Christmas.  You'll notice there's a lot less than there used to be.  This is for a variety of reasons - 
* less funds - this recession is a bitch, so I'm buying less
* I have too many polishes.  Lol.  There comes a point where you've mostly been there and bought that before, and I am no longer willing to have 8 versions of the same colour / glitter
* postal costs.  These have risen everywhere, and whereas before it was cheapish to buy 1 or 2 polishes off Etsy, now it's not worth it unless you want 4 or 5.  Sad times.
* finally, I've been lucky.  A lot of lovely polish makers have sent me samples, so that's been scratching my itch, and I'm grateful to everyone who trusts me to swatch their babies.

Ready, then ??

I recently placed a KIKO order.  I love their polishes sooooo much.  This features some of their textures, called Sugar Mats, their Mirror polishes and a random!

Next we have a swap from the lovely Emma - 

And  a swap from the lovely Jen -

Wow,that's a bad photo lol!

Then my recent purchase from Mei Mei's Signatures - 

Cirque perfection.

Pretty Serious - I am loving everything I see from them at the moment.

My secret Santa from Kerrie -

And my first Elevation Polish order - 

And my second lol.

My super bargain from a UK shop called The Factory Shop which is a super discounted end of line type place.  They had Essie polishes for £3 each, or 2 for £5.  Even better, they were relatively new releases.   And I have to say, the metallics are BRILLIANT for stamping.

Black Cat Lacquer gorgeousness.  No one makes colour glitterbombs as perfectly as Sabrina.

Pahlish haul.  I need to sort myself out here.  I am in love with Pahlish and now have about 20 ... but haven't worn 1 yet.  What is wrong with me lol.

My swap with Hazel -

2 Butter Londons -

A whole SHELF of British polishes which will be hitting the blog soon -

A Ninja Polish order -

and a Llarowe order - 

Nails Inc order including the ridiculously hideous feathers -

and my first Chirality order - 

My first bundle of Happy Hands happiness :)

 A lovely swap with my bestie Missy - 

OPI Liquid Sands minis -

and OPI Goth minis - I've wanted Sanguine for the longest time.  Wow, just look how twisted these are!

Some more Girly Bits -

You may remember that Literary Lacquers The Greatest Treasure was my January polish of the month - well, I loved it so much I went back and bought a big bottle, and a travelling companion :)

I Love NP - one of my favourite indie brands at the moment - 

Cirque amazingness - Cirque had been on my "must have" list for a while, and now they are mine, MINE !!!!

Then I seem to have forgotten to photograph 4 Zoya PixieDusts, 2 Zoya Ornates and 6 assorted Laylas - bad Crumpet!  But they are all swatched and ready to hit you soon :)

Now, this does look like a LOT of naughtiness, but it's 3 months worth, and come on, we all remember when I could do this much damage in 1 month lol.

Enjoy xxx :)

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