Saturday, 30 March 2013

Literary Lacquers - Roissey

Hi Goddesses

And happy weekend!  I'm going to release the remaining Literary Lacquers posts this weekend.  I can honestly say that out of the 9 polishes I was sent for review, there is only 1 that I really dislike - but we'll come to that in another post :)  I bet you can't guess what colour it was lol.

Today we have another winner.  A BIG winner.  This is Roissey, and wow, she's sensational.   This one is inspired by  The Story of O ... and it certainly made me go "oh" lol.

Roissey is an amazing royal blue polish, loaded with shimmer and then blasted with black shreds.  For me, this is so on trend it hurts.    Even better, in some lights, this takes on a metallic look - the dark light just takes it to another level.

Now, I did have some problems with this polish, but let me be clear, they are blogger problems, not polish problems.   When I wore this to work, I wore 3 layers and it was sublime.  When I photographed it, it looked transparent and I had VNL.  I take my hand from under my lamp.  Huh, opaque and no VNL.  Put it back under the lamp - transparent and VNL.   So I ended up layering it, which you won't need to do, but which added a whole new level of wow anyway.   All the photos you're seeing are the layered ones, and I'll post some "solo" ones at the end.

So, we have - 
- thumb - layered over Butter London Royal Navy
- index - layered over Nails Inc Baker Street
- middle - layered over KIKO 336 (total dupe for Baker Street)
- ring - au naturel
- pinkie - layered over KIKO 385

For me, it's the Baker Street / KIKO 336 nails that work best.  They work WITH Roissey, and if anything, just amplify the gorgeousness.

 I absolutely love love love this one.

Finally - here's some natural shots.  I tried to pick the best ones out, so that they don't look too sheer.  As I said, this was all to do with my camera and the lighting, NOT the polish.

This polish was sent to me for my honest review and can be purchased HERE.  You can also follow Literary Lacquers on Facebook HERE.

Enjoy xx :)
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